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We look forward to a fantastic program, with lectures by top experts in the field orthopedic, The program is very practically oriented, with abundant take home messages, as well as tips and tricks by some of the best arthroplasty surgeons.
our Physicians specialize in treatments that range from non-surgical pain management of minor afflictions to advanced, minimally invasive procedures for correcting major injuries and skeletal deformities. Many of Shivasram seva trust's orthopedics programs involve non-invasive treatments, like physiotherapy, occupational therapy, podiatry and kinesiology.

Our Orthopedic treatements through our physicians include:
Arthritis,Reconstruction and General Orthopedics,Foot and Ankle,Fracture Care,Hand,Joint Pain,Total Joint Replacement,MAKOplasty Robotic Joint Resurfacing,
Pediatrics,Spine, Sports Medicine,Physical and Occupational Therapy. our physicians advised about Orthopedic treatments and they tried their best through that programme to make aware of people about this type of therapy as much as possible by them.