"An old age home"


South Kolkata Shibasram Seva Trust has embarked on a mission to help old aged senior citizens ,that's why assistance of doctors is most important condiment of Shivashram seva trust.
we need doctors at any moment of our life specially for senior citizens who already overcome many stage of life and as per the rule of time and life they gradually entered into the various disability for their body that's why they need efficient physicians as well as proper guide for every movement of their life .Shivasram seva trust forming with various kind of physicians for various physical part of human bodies.Where a patient-physician relationship is established, the physician has an ethical and legal duty to continue care and not to abandon the patient.

When we are in a great doctor-patient relationship, “we just feel as if we are working as a team—we are partners in our health care,that's why physical department is not separate from Shivashram seva trust it is just only a part of our service for senior citizen.