"An old age home"


South Kolkata Shibasram Seva Trust has been organising a free medical camp to provide this service of measuring blood pressure by efficient doctors as well as efficient nurses through using aneroid sphygmomanometer ,they advised the patient about the necessary procedures for keeping their blood pressure into normal condition. Specific instructions will be followed in reporting the blood pressure measurements on the subject.
This action is taken so that the subject is informed of any findings that are outside of normal limits. we deal with blood pressure on some level every day with our team. 
Shibasram team will determine when you should test your blood sugar based on your current health, age and level of activity, as well as the time of day and other factors. it only makes sense that we should care about accurate blood pressure measurement from a fundamental perspective, which is the inspiration for your-better-health. Our team for almost anything that ails you and the chances are good you will have your blood pressure measured. That’s because it is an essential diagnostic procedure to detect hypertension, a common condition that puts people at risk of heart and kidney disease..