"An old age home"


The annual event of South Kolkata Shibasram Seva Trust looks forward to a fantastic program.Our team offers the perfect platform for Blood sugar and Blood group checking, along with their various societies to exchange their knowledge on the latest techniques and research in their specialities. we now welcome an array of common people .

The free medical camp meetings have been at the origin of many a doctors collaboration bringing together clinicians and scientists from around the world and from very different scientific societies. The first known mention of diabetes symptoms,documented frequent urination as a symptom of a mysterious disease that also caused emaciation. Also around this time, ancient healers noted that ants seemed to be attracted to the urine of people who had this disease. Today, insulin is still the primary therapy used to treat type 1 diabetes; other medications have since been developed to help control blood glucose levels. Diabetic patients can now test their blood sugar levels at home, and use dietary changes, regular exercise, insulin, and other medications to precisely control their blood glucose levels, thereby reducing their risk of health complications.

In india we can notice that the diabetis limit is extended day by day and the graph is going on day by day to the highest points , thus our purpose is to make aware of people about this effect and helping them to control their diabetic limit ,through conveying this object we were arranged this reception and free medical camp for the senior citizen .in this programme we also arranged free medical camp for senior citizen for checking their blood group and related terms of the blood condition..