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Offer every patient's world class eye care with unparalleled quality,100% accurate diagnosis and treatment that's better than the best and keeping the patients interest above all else. WE PROVIDE THE LATEST AND BEST DIAGNOSIS AND TREATMENT FOR ANY EYE DISORDER WITH 100% COMMITMENT,COMPASSION & CONFIDENCE. VISIT US ONCE AND "SEE" THE DIFFERENCE.. OUR CHIEF EYE SURGEON WILL EXAMINE ALL PATIENTS ON ALL VISITS,AS YOUR EYES ARE IMPORTANT TO US! During residency, ophthalmologists receive specialized training in all aspects of eye care, including prevention, diagnosis, and medical and surgical treatment of eye conditions and diseases.Shibasram Seva Trust is a relationship between the patient and doctor where the patient expects the doctor to provide advice and treatment in the best interest of the patient.

Regular eye test is the best way to protect our eyesight-- and an easy precaution to take-- as many sight-threatening diseases can be cured or slowed if caught early enough. On this occasion a group of Eye Specialists and Refractionists from Shibasram Seva Trust, counseled the participants on eye care by a comprehensive computerized eye examination. As per today’s working environment, of the ever-increasing expectations for efficiency and performance, good vision is critical to ensure the ability to produce good results so specialists informed our patient about the importance of regular eye check up and gave some tips on caring for and protecting their eyes. They also advised the participants about the special care to be taken while spending long hours in front of computers. The camp witnessed sincere participation of over two hundred people and 100 our team members. .