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Women Development Process(Orchid Plant)

SOUTH KOLKATA SHIBASRAM SEVA TRUST works with people who are struggling to survive in some of the poorest places on earth. Instead of providing short-term aid, we create permanent change by working alongside villagers, helping them to identify and solve their own problems. The Women’s Development Programme has a tried and tested format that is frequently updated, grounded in reality and has an impeccable track record. One of the most important part of SOUTH KOLKATA SHIBASRAM SEVA TRUST is Orchids plant that implements a program to promote responsible and environmentally conscious Women’s Development Programme. Orchids are widely considered to be the most highly evolved of all flowering plants. Orchids are the world's neatest plants for several reasons. First, many orchid flowers are, simply put, stunning. They come in almost every color, shape, size, and many of them last for weeks if not months on the plant. SOUTH KOLKATA SHIBASRAM SEVA TRUST have appointed the poor women in the poorest places on earth those women team in order to support the creation and execution of ecologically friendly initiatives and projects. All environmental and conservation norms and regulations established by the west Bengal government are strictly adhered to and applied.